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2020 07 16 Summer Song Ad

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On Thursday, July 16th at 7:30pm EDT, I will live stream a concert I’m calling Summer Song. It’s the middle of July and the heat has arrived. We can’t go to the beach but we can sing about it. My special guests will be the fabulous Doug Wray on bass and Fabio Pirozzolo, the remarkable percussionist with the irrepressible smile. I’m hoping for yet another guest but can’t announce that until it is confirmed. It will be on Zoom as usual, and also on Facebook Live.

Thank you to everyone who has followed my journey. I hope to see you on Thursday.

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Who is Greg Greenway

“Greg Greenway is one of those artists who is so rich a talent that it is difficult to categorize him. He traverses, combines and mixes up musical genres, and manages to open a window on global events that bring us together as citizens of the world. Like other great performers before him, Greenway’s message is that we can all play a part and make a difference in the course of both our private and public lives. But few musicians can do just this with such style, passion and sheer musicality.”

Roberta B. Schwartz, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

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More News: The Deeper Than The Skin CD is out and in the world. You can order a copy
of it at So far it has been a huge thumbs up from the folks who made it possible by buying it in advance. Hooray for that. Reg and I are very excited about how it turned out.


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