Greg Greenway

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Who is Greg Greenway

“Greg Greenway is one of those artists who is so rich a talent that it is difficult to categorize him. He traverses, combines and mixes up musical genres, and manages to open a window on global events that bring us together as citizens of the world. Like other great performers before him, Greenway’s message is that we can all play a part and make a difference in the course of both our private and public lives. But few musicians can do just this with such style, passion and sheer musicality.”

Roberta B. Schwartz, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

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More News: Reggie Harris and I are listening to what we’ve recorded for the new Deeper Than The Skin CD. We hope to have it out by the end of the summer. I’m headed to North Carolina in the middle of July for an absolutely outrageously good time. Blind Dog Concerts in Chapel Hill… great people, friends for years… SUUSI will be amazing with a continuation of the work that Reggie and I did last summer, just another layer deeper, and then on Friday, 50 people and I will sing the songs that taught me how to play… they’re still teaching me. Then I’ll go back to Isis in Asheville, a beautiful place to play, filled with memories (I was on stage when the Patriots came back from 28-3 to win the Super Bowl). And I donated to the ACLU to buy off my conscience. We’re all a work in progress.


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Friday December 13, 2019, Ardmore, PA

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